Information for K-12 Education That You Don't Know

The school system working in ten countries K12 provides publicly-supported school grades before college. There are a lot of misconceptions going on about virtual schools and specifically K12 education. Let’s read in detail what K12 schools are and how they are promising better education opportunities to the students virtually.


Are the K12 Virtual schools public or Private?

 The K12 schools, because they are supposed to give education virtually, typically at home, they are often mistaken to be private schools. The K12 schools are definitely public although they may take the curriculum from private vendors but that does not change the nature of its main characteristic. K12 schools are without a doubt public schools.


How do the Academics take place?

Like any other regular school, K12 offers a proper day to day plan and lessons for the students. The students enrolled in K12 education in any class are supposed to be a part of activities and tests. They are taught the same way as other non-virtual schools in public schools without physically going there.


·        These schools have a proper staff like any other institution, the teachers are responsible for the students’ progress and they monitor their educational development making sure that the students are completing their given tasks on time. These teachers make sure that all the students are attended to and that they are dealing with their course with ease. The daily lesson plan and assignments everything is teacher’s job apart from teaching.

·        All the students enrolled in the course are supposed to participate in tests. Since the schools are virtual it may be imagined that the students may or may not attend and participate in the tests and it is up to them, this is not the case as this is same as regular schools. There is also an attendance criteria, all students must attend all virtual sessions.

·        Enrolment for a course in K12 education system is based on the eligibility for the course. If you are eligible, you can apply for an admission irrespective of your income, race, disability or academic abilities.

·        K12 education follows state standard curriculum and it has thousands of lessons available. The curriculum covers all core subjects and well planned methodologies in Math, music, science, arts. Language and history.

·        Schools are audited and the standards of these schools but match the criteria set by the K12 education system. The K12 schools are not in any way less than the regular public schools, they just providing more opportunities for free for the students who can’t go to school regularly due to any reason at all.


How well are K12 virtual schools funded?

In general, virtual schools are of two categories, one is the school that provides study material and offers only a final exam with the content available online which is one time recorded. Such schools are not providing regular/daily live sessions and classes and they may not fall in the same criteria as K12 schools because K12 schools offer similar programs as normal public schools. This means that the staff and teachers are paid as much as the teachers in public schools. In most cases, the teaching skills of a teacher are challenged when he or she is limited to a video/audio or written lecture. This takes more work and more time, and of course more efforts. This is why the teachers of K12 schools are paid slightly more than the regular public school teachers. Virtual schools provide high quality content, well researched concepts and a standard of education as good at some of the great schools out there. The expanses are equal in both virtual and physical schools but the virtual schools receive considerably lesser public funds. These schools receive comparatively 30% less funds than traditional school systems. They do not receive local property taxes.


5 Things you need to know about K12 schools:

·        K12 school system is being implemented gradually; the last K12 School in Asia is in Philippines.

·        The language used in K12 in their kindergarten will be the mother tongue of the student. Since the students so young understand instructions best in their mother tongue, the plan is to stick to the use of mother tongue throughout the Kindergarten. After kindergarten, the instructions and mode of communication follows English and the mother tongue both and gradually after the 3rd grade, it moves totally to English.

·        K12 schools are not home schools. These schools are in no way similar to home schooling. K12 are proper virtual schools whereas home schooling is completely time flexible and the parents or a hired tutor takes care of the education of the child, there are no virtual elements in home schooling and there is no fixed timetable for home schooling.

·        K12 is free for public schools. There may be some additional expanses that may occur during the course but the education otherwise is free of cost till 12th grade. Government programs are planning to bring more beneficial programs in to this system to enable students to get quality education without any financial hurdles and make the most of virtual schooling. Government programs are finding ways to help those getting education that do not have the means.

·        K12 schools ensure that even if you did not or could not go to a college to continue education due to lack of finance or any other reason, you still get basic education. A K12 graduate is ready to start his career as a professional and get a job in various industries.


With Coursework Writing Service working with DepEd is trying to make virtual education common and reliable, virtual education such as K12 has a good future. K12 is providing a complete virtual public school for the ones who can’t afford education, can’t go to schools due to any reason. Even though the education is expensive from the administrative side, it is still free for the students from kindergarten to up till 12th grade.

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